Built projects photo gallery

We created a new page dedicated to photos of our built projects. These are the result of collaborative processes with our co-consultants and clients. We are proud of the spaces and experiences we helped create. See photos here – Verdaus Built Projects

Waterfront ahoy!

Verdaus are very pleased to be appointed landscape architects for a 14 ha mixed-use waterfront development in Abu Dhabi. Working alongside a great team and client. Most of the design is complete and construction for phase 1 is already underway!

Where the Wild Things Are

In little over a year since completion, Lailak Street Park has become the wild place that the Emirates Hills Community asked for. There’s now no need for sailing to a faraway island inhabited by the Wild Things. The wild things are hiding in the jungle at the end of Lailak Street! The community asked for a […]

Verdaus are growing!

Last month our office space doubled in size! We have waited patiently for an opportunity to lease additional space adjacent to our current office. We are now in the process of deciding how to use the additional space. Everyone in our team gets a say and ideas are flooding in. The new office space comes […]

New Project Announcement – 4 Ha Business Park

We are delighted to be the appointed landscape architects for a new business park in Dubai. The 4ha site is being developed by one of the Dubai’s leading developers who has established quality benchmarks in business park development in the UAE. Landscape spaces will include a large plaza with outdoor cafes, seating areas, and tree planting […]

Lailak Street Park – Growing Up

Andre recently visited Lailak Street Park for the final inspection and came back with some interesting photographs. This park was designed to encourage kids to explore, get lost, and have fun in the process. We are inspired by “free play” principles where kids make their own fun. We like the way the park has matured. Pathways […]

It pours, in a good way – another win!

It’s an ironic cliche to use in this arid region. But, we are going to anyway. It never rains but it pours! In a good way. Verdaus have just been awarded a new project on a 1.5 ha site in the prestigious beachfront precinct of Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. This is our second new project in as many […]

Verdaus to design public realm for 2.5 hectare site in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Verdaus are delighted to be appointed to design the public realm for a mixed use development on a 2.5 hectare site in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. Jumeirah is an established beach-side precinct of Dubai. The site is close to popular beaches and recreational and entertainment venues. We have worked with the client on multiple projects over the past five years. […]

Sustainable Urban Tree Planting

Structural soil is a construction technology developed by landscape architects. The system is designed to improve conditions for urban tree planting. It is a fairly simple method using a specially designed mix of aggregate and planting medium. The aggregates form a structural matrix to support the pavement around trees, and the planting medium provides space […]

Lailak Street Park – Hoarding Down!

The hoarding is down at Lailak Street Park! The park is now open to the public. It is time to celebrate another successful project opening at Verdaus Landscape Architects. We are sure the celebrations in our studio won’t match the party in the park. The word is out and kids from the local community are […]

Sharjah Maritime Museum

We just returned to the office from visiting the Sharjah Maritime Museum. This is one of our earlier projects and we were delighted with the way this space embraced a wide range of activities. There was a festival in full swing when we visited. This project is located on a culturally important site on the creek in Sharjah, […]


Scale is not only about the size of things, it’s also about the size of space. Scale has a surprisingly strong influence on the landscape design process and it’s outcomes. Getting scale right is sweet. Get it wrong, and no amount of fancy footwork will save you. This blog post speaks about a challenging and […]

Lailak Street Park Closer!

Opening day edges closer and interest in Lailak Street Park keeps growing! One resident living near by told us the unofficial-off-the-record-word is that it’s going to be the “best park in Dubai”. Well, we  certainly love that! We’re delighted that people are talking about it, and even visiting the site before opening day. It was the first time we’ve heard […]

4000 Trees for the Future!

Verdaus just received our certificate of support from Trees for the Future. They on a simple and great mission: “Trees for the Future is dedicated to planting trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future.” Verdaus wish TFF ongoing and increasing success in […]

Lailak Street Park Update

Construction on the Lailak Street Park is progressing well. Paving is currently being installed and it is exciting to see the patterns coming to life. This is the first project we designed a bespoke paving pattern for 100% of the project site. The intent is to stimulate delight, interest, and imagination. Each area is designed with […]

One-Tree Street

“Walkable City” is an interesting book about urban design. The book promotes the idea that if you make a walkable city, you make a city which is good for people. The chapter, “Why Johnny Can’t Walk”, focusses on the health benefits of walkable cities, and conversely, the health risks of un-walkable places. There’s another book out […]

Congratulations to Pierre Smit for Passing First Year BSc Quantity Surveying Exams

  Congratulations to Pierre Smit for passing his 2014 exams! Pierre is moving towards becoming a qualified quantity surveyor. He is studying a BSc Quantity Surveying at the College of Estate Management, University of Redding, UK. Pierre has demonstrated enormous commitment and hard work to reach this important milestone. Pierre is studying part-time on top of his […]

Congratulations to Liuba Apostolova – OALA Associate Member

  Big congratulations to Liuba Apostolova! Liuba was recently accepted as an Associate Member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA). Liuba worked intensively over a period of weeks to submit a 430-page portfolio of work. Liuba received her acceptance letter with high praise on her “outstanding” portfolio. Membership to a professional association such […]

Lailak Street Park – Construction Commences

We are delighted that the Lailak Street Park in Emirates Hills is now under construction. EMAAR Community Management appointed Verdaus to design the park in 2013. The design process involved extensive consultation with board members of the residents association. We enjoyed the engagement with direct stakeholders who actively influenced the final design. No doubt the […]