A visit to the 911 Memorial Site (Ground Zero)

Laith Wark from Verdaus recently visited the 911 Memorial Site in New York, designed by Peter Walker.

The site, “Ground Zero”, was redeveloped as a memorial in honor of the innocent people who died during the tragic events that occurred on September 11. I guess everyone  will interpret the design of this place in their own way. I left the site with a deep sense of empathy for the people who suffered the loss of loved ones. The design concept powerfully emphasized the concept of loss in the way the tower footprints were expressed as deep excavations. The fact of what had happened, and the sense of what had been destroyed were laid bare. This was a brave design move. I imagine the urge to “cover and forget”  would have been a “safer” proposal, less controversial.

The experience of visiting this site is something that will be difficult to forget.