A visit to the Highline in New York City

Last month Laith Wark from Verdaus visited the Highline (designed by James Corner Field Operations and others) on a side trip during a business visit to the USA. It was early summer and the weather was amazing. The Highline was bursting with fresh green growth and thousands of people out to enjoy a day in the park.

The Highline story begins with an industrial period elevated railway line in New York City. In the early 2000’s the aging infrastructure was destined to be demolished, until a successful community campaign won the right to convert the railway into a park.

Today the Highline attracts millions of people per year, and offers opportunities for cultural events, social service, and respite from the streets of New York City.

Development projects have since sprung up along the route of the new park, demonstrating how recreational open space can generate investment in real estate and stimulate an economy.

The following photographs were made by Laith Wark during his recent visit.

(The photos were geotagged after taking them…probably not all as accurately as they should be.)