Sustainable Urban Tree Planting

Structural soil is a construction technology developed by landscape architects. The system is designed to improve conditions for urban tree planting. It is a fairly simple method using a specially designed mix of aggregate and planting medium. The aggregates form a structural matrix to support the pavement around trees, and the planting medium provides space and nutrients to the tree roots. Verdaus first used this technology on the Majlis Oman project. The follow photo gallery shows the sequence of construction.

Jebel Akhdar Walk

Landscape architects love natural landscapes. This is one way we are like most other people. We recently had a great experience walking amongst the villages and agricultural terraces of Jebel Akhdar, Oman’s “green mountain”. Getting out into the surrounding landscape was very refreshing. The walk was also an education in cultural landscape studies of the ancient falaj irrigation technique which remains very much alive today. We gained precious insights into the close relationship between the land and it’s people. We also had a lot of fun!


We mapped this using a hand held GPS unit and uploaded the data to the Everytrail website along with photographs we made on the day. To see the map and photos go to the trip saved on the Everytrail website. The GPS route is also downloadable from the site. Go get it and get out there!