Lailak Street Park – Hoarding Down!

The hoarding is down at Lailak Street Park! The park is now open to the public. It is time to celebrate another successful project opening at Verdaus Landscape Architects. We are sure the celebrations in our studio won’t match the party in the park. The word is out and kids from the local community are discovering the park. The last time we visited there were a group of kids playing in the park. This is always an exciting moment for a designer, seeing the landscape being used for the first time. The kids were running along the narrow “discovery trails” that wind through the planting beds. The kind of games we imaged during design were being played out in real life. Exciting stuff! It has been a real pleasure to team up with EMAAR Community Management and the Residents Board in making Lailak Street Park a reality.

Thanks also to the Verdaus team who helped to make this park a success: Andre Saladaga, Pierre Smit, Miguelito Cemine Pegi, and Laith Wark.