Lailak Street Park Closer!

Opening day edges closer and interest in Lailak Street Park keeps growing!

One resident living near by told us the unofficial-off-the-record-word is that it’s going to be the “best park in Dubai”. Well, we  certainly love that! We’re delighted that people are talking about it, and even visiting the site before opening day. It was the first time we’ve heard a non-landscape architect talk excitedly about paving patterns.

It’s not surprising the paving patterns are gaining attention. All paved surfaces are custom designed. Ever changing patterns are intended to heighten interest and stimulate the imagination. Patterns were designed specifically for each area. In some cases, patterns were designed around the idea of play, and the types of games that could evolve in each space. Long runs have equally spaced divisions, markers for racing games. Broad shapes contain wide areas for chasing games. Some patterns are purely for fun, small markings pop in odd places. Who needs a reason for everything, right? Or – invent your own.

The pathways weave through thickly planted areas. Paths vanish around corners to create a sense of mystery and encourage exploration. It will take some time for this design intent to become clearly visible as the plants mature.

The photographs below show construction progress. We are looking forward to opening day as much as everyone else.