Lailak Street Park – Growing Up

Andre recently visited Lailak Street Park for the final inspection and came back with some interesting photographs. This park was designed to encourage kids to explore, get lost, and have fun in the process. We are inspired by “free play” principles where kids make their own fun. We like the way the park has matured. Pathways now weave through fields of fluffy grasses (Pennisetum spp). The concept was to hide destinations around corners and over level changes. This strategy was to create a sense of mystery and challenge in the park. Confidence and a desire for adventure is all that’s needed to find the “Play Plateau”, elevated at the centre of the park. “Kids Councils” can occupy small spaces tucked amongst the planting, these are great places to take stock and plan the next move. Theres a large lawn where everyone can play ball, hold markets or other community events.

All-in-all we are a bit chuffed with the way it turned out. Waiting for the summer to end, and everyone returns to the outdoor world. Then we will come back to see how the kids are using this new park.