Sharjah Maritime Museum

We just returned to the office from visiting the Sharjah Maritime Museum. This is one of our earlier projects and we were delighted with the way this space embraced a wide range of activities. There was a festival in full swing when we visited. This project is located on a culturally important site on the creek in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


  1. Michael Cunningham

    Wonderful work, Laith, perhaps you should restore Brisbane’s waterside after the recent remodelling by flood?

  2. Laith Wark

    Hi Bjarni. Thanks for the positive comment. On this project the Museum supplied the sculptures/musem pieces and we designed the landscape to accomodate them.

  3. Very nice indeed, do you have input into the sculptures that get placed into the landscape too?

  4. Just posted Sharjah Maritime Museum Photos – via #twitoaster

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