Sustainable Urban Tree Planting

Structural soil is a construction technology developed by landscape architects. The system is designed to improve conditions for urban tree planting. It is a fairly simple method using a specially designed mix of aggregate and planting medium. The aggregates form a structural matrix to support the pavement around trees, and the planting medium provides space and nutrients to the tree roots. Verdaus first used this technology on the Majlis Oman project. The follow photo gallery shows the sequence of construction.



    Could you please upload more photo up to the tree planting. Do you need to backfill this structural soil(with 95 % compaction ) up to the finished ground level?

    • Laith Wark (Author)

      Hi Mohammed. Yes the structural soil should be backfilled up to the level of the sub-base under the pavement. Sorry, if we locate photos to show this we will update.

  2. tina

    how does one achieve drainage if compacted this highly?

    • Laith Wark (Author)

      Hi Tina. Good question. The aggregates create a structural matrix with gaps between each aggregate. These gaps are filled with planting medium, which is not compacted (it is simply held in place by the aggregate). Water drains through the planting medium between the aggregates.

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