The Change Initiative Landscape – a Splash of Green

Verdaus provided landscape design services for the Change Initiative Store in Dubai. The store aims to bring to Dubai a ‘one-stop’ marketplace for sustainable products and services such as advice on how to make the home and workplace more sustainable.

The Change Initiative Garden is a wonderful mix of planting that creates a small pocket of sustainable green in Al Barsha – an otherwise barren landscape.

This project offered the opportunity to develop a planting scheme using plant species that were either native to the local area or required less water – in keeping with the sustainable mission of the Change Initiative. Verdaus also offered advice on how to achieve the LEED rating in a cost effective way, reducing the landscape budget by over 100%.

Acacia arabica planted with an understorey of clumping grass and desert heath groundcovers.

The project is in Barsha and is visible from Sheikh Zayed road. Keep a lookout for the splash of green!

The splash of green in front of the store is a garden planted with species that are native to the local area or use less water.


  1. Congratulations Laith..!! All such initiatives like these are difficult, but the result is really amazing!!

    Kind regards,

    Johan Winters, Qatar

    • Laith Wark

      Johan, thank you for the positive comment. I have recently seen other examples of better sustainable planting schemes in the UAE. It is heartening to see this starting to happen. All the best for your good work too!

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